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Ready meals created for your convenience

We provide a range of ready to eat Freshly cooked and Frozen Ready Meals suitable for your home freezer. Each dish is freshly prepared using the finest quality and authentic ingredients and is clearly labelled with use by dates and re heating instructions. Reheating can be done using a conventional cooker or microwave. Buddha’s Smile Fresh and Frozen Ready Meals are handy for a range of occasions. Perhaps you want something different to eat, but don’t have the inclination to cook, or you want to surprise your family with authentic Thai food at short notice. Our Our freshly cooked and frozen Ready Meals are as they say Ready when YOU need them.

You decide...

With our Freshly Cooked or Frozen Ready Meals, the decision is yours. You decide the meals you want and how many. We can provide a range of meals which will make a refreshing change to your freezer meals.

Whatever your needs, call us, we are here to help. Please click here for Menu.


For menu of our Fresh or Frozen Ready Meals or to order please use our contact form or call us on,

01579 326798 or 07554 153 500


You can order as few or as many as you want, you can collect or we can deliver….the choice is yours, just give us a call.

Why us?

  • No MSG used in our cooking

  • No artificial flavourings or colourings

  • Most dishes Gluten and Dairy Free

  • Fresh and authentic herbs and spices

  • Dishes tailored to your taste

Examples of Thai cuisine Food in the kitchen